is a unique portal offering simple, subject-specific, and geo-localized access to all of the news and information available about artistic exchanges, French-language events, and academic cooperation.

This shared bilingual (French and English) display will provide increased visibility and Atlantic-Pacific connections, as well as a greater number of pan-Canadian exchanges.

In a changing world, cultural has a greater role to play than ever. Culture is a space for dialogue, a resource for discussions, the expression of citizenship and of ideas, of genius and of creation. Culture—situated at the heart of our diplomacy—is an influential factor behind our intellectually fruitful and economically prosperous relationship.

The presence of French culture in Canada has its roots in history. The Francophonie was born in Acadia when Samuel de Champlain arrived on Saint Croix Island in 1604, then in Port-Royal on the Atlantic shores. Three years later, in 1608, the Francophonie took root when Quebec City was founded.

Four centuries later, there are now more than 9 million Francophones. This Francophonie is one that has been in perpetual movement over the generations and one that goes beyond its roots in Acadia and Quebec to extend across Canada to the Pacific coast.

In memory of our shared common history, our task now is to increase the visibility of our culture, which is constantly reinventing itself. From Vancouver to Moncton—with Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, and Winnipeg in between—contact between our two countries is rich and multifaceted: musicians on tour, dance companies, visiting professors at universities, expert exchanges, French-language certification programs, joint PhD programs, campus film festivals, Digital Forums, Sommets de la francophonie, advance screenings, cinematic retrospectives, heritage and contemporary art exhibitions, and student mobility.

Spreading information, sharing ideas and projects, reaching the largest possible audience, creating opportunities for discovery: these are the goals of As the new reference platform for French culture in Canada, this site will provide easy access to up-to-date information about events in our three major areas of focus: the arts, French-language events, and academic cooperation. This bilingual resource is open to all audiences: French, Francophone, and Francophile; individuals and professionals from the cultural, media, and cinema industries; and audiences from the academic world. aims to promote and spread the dynamism of French creativity throughout Canada, this country that places so much importance on young people and on the potential that its Francophonies offer for the future.

Philippe Zeller
Ambassador of France to Canada

Last modified on 21/07/2016

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