"WA - Temporary Autonomy Surface" is a travelling exhibit of large-scale contemporary works, produced by the Paris-based CULTURESFRANCE agency. After presentation in 15 countries, "WA" will have its North American premiere at Saw Gallery in Ottawa on March 13, in the presence of French artists Ivan Fayard and Olivier Millagou.


Over the past few years, painting and drawing have expanded their scope as more and more artists eager to break away from the framed canvas have chosen to work directly on a hard surface : walls, ceilings, floors, or all of the above.

Moving away from established formats, those artists have opened the doors to bigger, bolder forms of expression. The trend brings together several forms : traditional wall paintings, urban influences, and the legacy of conceptual approaches. Initially desgined for on-site presentations, the resulting works are often produced by trusting a group of assistants with their execution.

"WA" calls upon the talent of 15 French contemporary artists who where asked to provide the materials needed for a team to create a temporary large-scale work. As a result of this process, the whole "WA" exhibit is contained in one catalog. The catalog contains all the necessary instructions from the artists to reactivate the large-scale works.

The "WA" roster consists of 15 young French creative artists : Virginie Barré, Simon Bernheim, Stéphane Calais, Stéphane Dafflon, Philippe Decrauzat, Pauline Fondevila, Ivan Fayard, Edouard Levé, Philippe Mayaux, Mathieu Mercier, Olivier Millagou, Petra Mrzyck et Jean-François Moriceau, Bruno Peinado, Guillaume Pinard et Lili Reynaud Dewar.

- The WA exhibition in Ottawa will present the works of Ivan FAYARD, Olivier MILLAGOU and Bruno PEINADO.

- "WA - temporary autonomy surface" by Anne Roussel et Pascale Samuel, curators of the exhibition

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WA - Temporary Autonomy Surface (March 13-29, 2008)
- Opening : Thursday, March 13 at 8:00pm
- Venue : SAW Gallery, 67 Nicholas Street, Ottawa
- Free entrance
- Music with Dj BEAR witness (Ottawa)
- Information : (613)236-6181
- SAW Gallery’s website


The WA exhibition is organized and circulated by the Paris-based CULTURESFRANCE agency GIF

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