Visa Application Processing – VFS Global [fr]

Since April 24, 2018, VFS Global serves those applicants wishing to obtain a Visa for France. VFS has offices in different cities: Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver.

VFS Global’s mission is to provide information to applicants (call centre: +1613-927-9266 (9 am EST to 4 pm PT) / online services: VFS Global’s ), meet with applicants in order to collect application files and proceed with biometrics.

These are then forwarded to the French Consulate General in Montreal for review.

Due to regulatory timeframes and the seasonal peak, the total length of the review process is currently 30 business days.

The applicant’s passport must remain with the application file during the entire process.

If applicants need to obtain their passports in an emergency, they may request it but will then have to withdraw their application in writing at the following address:

Moreover, your Visa application will automatically be withdrawn should you retrieve your passport from the processing centre.

A new request will have to be submitted at a later date.

We strongly discourage applicants from retrieving their passports while the application process is still ongoing. Should you do so in the hope of traveling to France and completing your application there, please note that you risk being denied entry at the border.

The Visa department of the French Consulate General in Montreal processes all submitted requests but will not provide any information while the file is under review.

Applicants will be informed directly by VFS Global when their passports become available for pickup at their centres.

Last modified on 10/09/2018

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