Vancouver International Film Festival [fr]

Vancouver International Film Festival : A Festival and an Emerging Market to Watch

From September 30 to October 15, 2010, Vancouver was host to the International Film Festival (VIFF). With a spotlight on France, more than 30 French films in the program, 148 000 tickets sold, 600 accredited professionals, and a Film and TV Forum that brought together more than 1 200 professionals, the Festival became a major venue for promotion of French films in British Columbia and Western Canada.

A new addition to the international scene of festivals, VIFF is at once a festival and a now recognized professional market, but also a festival geared toward the Vancouver audience who is drawn to the quality of international content.

A number of factors make VIFF an interesting venue for French professionals:

- the numbers produced by its success (in constant increase over the last five years): 148 000 tickets sold, 600 accredited professionals, and a Film and TV Forum that brought together more than 1 200 professionals, 650 film screenings, 10 screens and 4 movie theatres involved (Empire Granville, Pacific Cinematheque, Park Theatre, Vancity Theatre of Vancouver International Film Centre)

- a festival with great exposure in Vancouver, since the festival’s managing and selection team also manage the very influential theatre Vancity Theatre of the Vancouver International Film Centre.

- a festival that takes place in the heart of an extremely dynamic movie and television industry: 1.3 billion dollars spent on production in 2009 in British Columbia, a dense network of producers, technical and artistic groups, and post-production structure, although it is geared mostly toward American productions but still increasingly welcoming toward international co-productions (including French), due to its expertise and high degree of competitiveness.

- strong political willpower of Canadian institutions (Telefilm Canada, British Columbia Film Commission, among others) to provide support to co-productions and to turn VIFF into a highly visible happening.

- a festival of manageable proportions that allows easy access to decision-makers and the media and makes it easier to network and make new connections.

- VIFF has finally become a genuine market and has seen great success this year during the Film and TV Forum which offered round-table discussions, one-on-one meetings, and project presentation sessions attended by top professionals such as directors, writers, filmmakers, producers, broadcasters, distributors and sales agents.

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