Tribute to Nelson Mandela


"With Nelson Mandela, we mourn the passing away of the father of South Africa, the pillar of the struggle for freedom and the builder of reconciliation.

Universally admired, his life gives the word “humanity” its full meaning. I personally admired him all the more as the fight against apartheid has been one of the causes I have constantly and vigorously defended.

I wish to pay tribute to the towering charismatic leader who has left us, and I extend to his family, his friends, his country, my deepest condolences."

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Portrait of Nelson Mandela on the façade of the Foreign Ministry (Photos : MAE/B. Chapiron)

Portrait of Nelson Mandela - Communiqué issued by Laurent Fabius, Minister of Foreign Affairs (06.12.13)

Hanging the portrait of Nelson Mandela on [the façade of] the Foreign Ministry is intended as a tribute to this very exceptional servant of peace and fraternity, which are also France’s values.

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