Toméo Vergès in residency at the Groupe Dance Lab

French choreographer Toméo Vergès will be in residency at the Groupe Dance Lab from September 15th to October 4th, 2008. As a result of this 3 weeks-choreographic research, showings will be presented at the Arts Court Theatre on the 3rd and the 4th of October.

In 1980, Toméo Vergès, a Catalan native, moved to France. Through a jazz classes, Toméo met Maguy Marin who aided with his transformation into a Samuel Beckett-based character in the renown dance production, May B. The following choreographers shared Toméo’s journey in the interpretation of Beckett’s words: Marie-Christine Georghiu, Régine Chopinot, Anne-Marie Reynaud, Caroline Marcadé, Charles Cré-Ange and François Verret. Toméo also worked with Carolyn Carlson and then Catarina Sagna, with whom he performed his first duet. Currently in his journey as a choreographer, Toméo is performing in two solos, Heropas and Kronos y Kromos.

In 1992, Toméo Vergès created his own company, MAN DRAKE, and from 1999 to 2006, he worked as a choreographer in residence for a number of productions.


Toméo Vergès’ work

Since 1992, MAN DRAKE has followed an artistic trend, straddling both theater and dance. From the very beginning, Toméo Vergès’s productions presented, without using realism, man held hostage to the world’s absurdity. He productions include Chair de Poule (1992) at the Biennale in Lyon and Salto Mortal (1996) at the Festival d’Avignon.

By using the surrealist esthetic, Toméo produces shows that carry us to a universe without true history. He creates dramatic situations by using a group of symbols, which we all share, to then destroy them and thus speak to every person’s imagination: this is an attempt to make oneself heard without the use of words.

Other productions proceed, based on a method held dear by Toméo Vergès, with jumps and ruptures, which make way for the most improbable subject changes, bold and thrilling, through the dancers’ connivence. In the duet Asphyxies (1998) and in Pas de panique (1999), Toméo uses a latin-based life force to contrast humor with severeness and affection with violence. In Pièce(s) détachée(s) (2002), he invites us to share a fragmented and delirious universe. In R.O.T.S. (Radiation-Ondes-Turbulences) (2004), his most theatrical piece, and in Body Time (2006), the piece with the most dance, he freely draws his inspiration from contemporary author Don DeLillo’s universe.

In the same way, Toméo creates off-the-set performances, designed based on a place or a specific event.

Toméo Vergès at the Groupe Dance Lab
- Résidency : September 15th - October 4th

- Showings : October 3rd and 4th
- Arts Court Theatre
2 rue Daly, Ottawa
- Information : (613)235-1492

- Entry : 15 $


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