Three major achivements of President Jacques Chirac

On the occasion of the National Holiday of July 14th, 2002, the President of the Republic, Mr. Jacques CHIRAC, announced his intention to mark his five year term by three major goals:

" It is first the fight against the lack of security on roads. I am absolutely horrified by the fact that French roads are the most dangerous in Europe.

It is then cancer, which beyond, naturally, the attention that we must give to all diseases, from orphaned sicknesses to AIDS, it is a veritable national tragedy that requires a considerable effort, an effort in research, an effort in prevention and detection, an effort in treatment, including psychological treatment for diseases. And that is also a great ambition that we should have.

The third goal is the handicapped who, in France, have not yet found a suitable place for themselves in a dignified manner. And much progress is left to be made.”

French policy on road safety since 2002

- The actions implemented by the public powers
- A fall in road delinquency
- The future

Fight against Cancer

(in French only)

Integration of the handicapped

- The gaps in former legislative frameworks : a national solidarity considered too weak for the handicapped
- February 11th, 2005 law: promote a change in society’s behaviour for a successful integration of the handicapped
- Veritable advances in the progression of integrating the handicapped

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