The social network France Alumni is now available in Canada!

This digital alumni platform developed by Campus France is a long-awaited, high-priority project aims to implement a network that will creation connections between foreign students who have studied in France and our embassies, institutions of higher learning, and companies. It also aims to offer this target audience a range of other services and functions.


Who is it for?

- Former international students from establishments in France or French establishments elsewhere in the world, particularly scholarship recipients;
- Current international students at establishments in France wishing to join the network;
- Current or former international interns in France or French companies in other countries;
- Former students (international or French) from the AEFE network, with measures in place to distinguish them from others;
- International researchers trained in France, with a “researcher” profile.

One site, four functions:

- Finding and re-finding international alumni;
- Promoting discussion between alumni, creating discussion groups;
- Promoting awareness of events related to France;
- taying connected with the economic and professional world.

Joining France Alumni means:

For alumni, it means:

- Belonging to a worldwide network;
- Re-establishing contact; and
- Highlighting training and experience.

For companies, it means:

- Informing the community;
- Sharing information about job and internship offers; and
- Developing their brand and their activity.

For establishments, it means:

- Reuniting alumni;
- Encouraging communities; and
- Developing a sense of belonging.

For partners, it means:

- Expanding networks;
- Building contacts; and
- Offering opportunities

Extend the experience, join France Alumni Canada France Alumni Canada (in French)


Last modified on 16/09/2015

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