The multi-missions destroyer (FREMM) Aquitaine in Halifax

Halifax, welcomed The multi-missions destroyer (FREMM) Aquitaine ordered by the French Navy, April 18-23, 2013

The multi-missions destroyer (FREMM) Aquitaine is the first of a class of 11 destroyers ordered by the French Navy as part of a French-Italian cooperative program started in 2005. Her missions include air and maritime area control with a range of sensors and effectors, including the “Aster” air defence missile, in-depth strike with the naval cruise missile “SCALP Naval,” anti-ship warfare with the “Exocet” missile, anti-submarine warfare with variable-depth sonar and the MU90 torpedo, as well as support of land operations and ship visit operations. Her very innovative design and versatility allows full operation of the ship with a crew less than half the size of the crew of previous generation ships with similar missions.

The Aquitaine was built by French shipbuilders DCNS in Lorient, France, under contract from the Organisation for Joint Armament Cooperation. Her maiden voyage took place on April 18th, 2011, with a crew of 70 people.

FREMM Aquitaine was delivered to the French Navy by defence company DCNS in November 2012.

Captain (N) Benoît ROUVIERE is the commanding officer of the Aquitaine.

- Virtual visit of the FREMM, is available here (The Silverlight plugin is required to take the virtual tour)

Canada-France Defence Relations

Canada-France Defence Relations

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- Ministers MacKay and Findlay take guided tour of French frigate Aquitaine

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