The industries where France excels

With success in industries such as nuclear, space and aviation, rail, video games and animation, France has the lion’s share of the global market. Notable leading companies include Arianespace, EADS, Airbus, Dassault and Safran (aviation), Areva (nuclear), Alstom (rail) and Ubisoft (video games).

Higher, further and faster: this might well describe a number of areas where France is at the forefront on the world stage. This particularly applies to its aerospace industry. This is the country’s number one export industry and is closely linked to the huge successes of companies such as EADS, with Ariane and Airbus, the aircraft builder Dassault and the engine manufacturer Safran.

With 58 nuclear reactors currently in operation, France has unequalled expertise in this field. Areva, its flagship company, continues its research into improved safety and is about to deliver its new generation of reactors both at home and abroad.


The density of the high-speed train (TGV) network in France is unique throughout the world. The technology is exported to Europe, Africa and Asia. Alstom is top of the tree just as, still in the rail sector, the Lagardère Group was the precursor in the automatic metro sector.

France is also excelling at another more recent industry – video games and film animation. Like Ubisoft and Luc Besson, it is even exported to the USA.

Last but not least, there are all of the Nobel Prizes awarded to French researchers, particularly in physics, chemistry and medicine – and very recently, too.
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