The Tonnerre in Halifax

The Tonnerre, from the French marines, in Halifax

The Tonnerre, jewel of the French navy, did a routine call in Halifax from April 23rd to 27th, 2007. Being an assault helicopter carrier, this ship benefited from significant technological evolutions. This vessel of the French National Navy is the result of a program that oversaw the development of two new amphibious ships, which were created to address the multiplication of international crises and the need to project intervention or evacuation efforts of citizens from a conflict zone.


The versatility of the Tonnerre offers many operational possibilities in terms of its equipment: amphibious operations, transport, hospital on top of the line technology, a projection and command post. It can carry up to 60 vehicles, 16 helicopters, and 4,000 people. It measures 199 meters long, and has a crew of 160 men.

This was its first stop on its journey, which brought it to Norfolk (USA) next where trials were held with the vision of a collaboration with the US Navy.

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