The Sylvain Kassap quartet in concert at the International Jazz Festival in Ottawa

French clarinetist Sylvain Kassap’s tour in Canada.


Born in 1956, French Clarinettist Sylvain Kassap has been one of the greatest improv jazz musicians since the late 70s. A major player on the avant-garde scene, Kassap has performed with Louis Sclavis, Michel Portal, Henri Texier, Bernard Lubat, François Tusques, and many other cutting-edge French musicians. He has also played along side a large number of innovative international musicians such as Evan Parker, John Surman, Barre Philips, Sam Rivers, Hamid Drake, Han Bennink.

Kassap uses his clarinets in ways that go well beyond conventional melodic and harmonic expectations. With percussive bursts and textural sounds, Kassap expands the range and vocabulary of the instrument.

He has also been a pioneer in fusing the arts, collaborating with actors, dancers and writers. And, he has made occasional forays into contemporary classical music, performing works by John Cage, Karlheinz Stockhausen and other experimental composers.

From free improvisation to contemporary and ethnic music, leading French clarinetist Sylvain Kassap explores a world that is rich in colour and finesse, animated by an unquenchable spirit of freedom.


Sylvain Kassap was accompanied by:

-  Didier Petit, cello
-  Hélène Labarrière, string bass
-  Edward Perraud, drums/percussion

The Sylvain Kassap quartet also performed on:
- July 2nd, at the Edmonton International Jazz Festival
- July 3rd and 4th at the Vancouver International Jazz Festival
- July 5th in Victoria

Sylvain Kassap Quartet
- June 30, 2009, at 7 p.m.
- Ottawa International Jazz Festival
- National Arts Centre Fourth Stage, 53 Elgin St. Ottawa
- Admission: $15
- Information and reservations: (613) 241-2633

Sylvain Kassap’s tour was sponsored by CULTURESFRANCE



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