The Night of Ideas returns to Canada January 29 to February 2, 2019 [fr]

In Vancouver, Calgary, Halifax, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec, debate evenings will be taking place throughout the country to celebrate the exchange of ideas and thought centred on the “Facing Our Time”

In its fourth year, the Night of Ideas will be held this coming January 31 in over 120 cities and 70 countries across the world, bringing together thousands of people for an evening of international, interdisciplinary and intergenerational debate on a given theme. This year’s event, on the “Facing Our Time,” will bring together speakers from all walks of life—thinkers, researchers and artists—who are invited to debate at participating locations, across five continents.

In Canada, the Night of Ideas will take place from January 29 to February 2, 2019, from Vancouver to Halifax, including in Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec. Organized by the French Embassy and General Consulates in conjunction with local partners, debate and discussions on the issues of sustainable development, territories and immigration will be open to all. These events will be attended by public figures and thinkers such as writer Alain Mabenckou, journalist and biographer, Laure Adler, actress Zabou Breitman… (Details of the event can be found below and on the French Embassy and Consulate’s website).

On the initiative of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and L’Institut français, in partnership with La Fondation de France, the Night of Ideas serves one purpose: to celebrate the free-flow of ideas across countries and cultures, disciplines and generations. Each year, it is an invitation to find out about the most recent discoveries, to listen to those who move ideas forward in all disciplines, to discuss the major challenges of our time. Because thinking crosses borders, all forms are welcome (conference, theater, performance, projections, concerts…) and the prestigious locations as well as those most unexpected ones are invited to join in, by submitting their original interpretation on the given theme. Across time zones, the echoes of the Night of Ideas collide with one another on social media, making The Night of Ideas a truly global event.

This year’s theme of the “Facing Our Time” combines three sets of issues. On contemporary events and the lucidity it calls for: technological, social, environmental, geopolitical and other deep changes are now part of our daily lives. On commitment, its new ways and forms : which initiatives can we take to tackle the challenges of our time ? On the perception of time and its transformations: in an era marked by the rapid spread of information, how can we fight against the tyranny of the 24-hour news cycle? What is our present made of ? How do we deal with the challenges of our time? In a time of multiple emergencies, what memory and what future? These will be the questions at the heart of the Night of Ideas.

Jean-Yves Le Drian Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs:

“ ‘Facing Our Time,’ the theme for this event, is heard everywhere as an invitation to come to grips with the major challenges of our time. Researchers, creators, state officials and civil society groups must respond to this call for discussion…”

Pierre Sellal, President of La Fondation de France:

“The Night of Ideas is about fascinating encounters, discussions between players from diverse backgrounds who wish to learn from others, to share their experiences and their views on the issues of our world, in a spirit of openness, eclecticism and in rejection of all sectarianism.”

Pierre Buhler, President of l’Institut francais:

“A public debate can only be so if it is open to a diversity of viewpoints, disciplines and cultures (…).The Night of Ideas is an invitation to talk and listen to one another”

In Ottawa, the National Art Gallery of Canada and the French Embassy, concurrently with the Gallery’s Anthropocene exhibition, are planning a thought-provoking evening Thursday January 31, presented by 5 leading figures from various and inspirational backgrounds, dedicated to modern ecological and ethical issues.

Two other events will take place at Café Biscotti in Chelsea (QC) and at Alliance Française of Ottawa.

- To find out more about events in Ottawa-Gatineau

In Montreal and Quebec, the French Consulate General in Quebec City and its partners have invited two dozen audacious and committed leading figures who will also discuss the issues of sustainable development, territory and education, over multiple debate conferences.

- To find out more about events in Montreal and Quebec

In Toronto, the University of Toronto and Hart House Art Museum, in partnership with the Cultural, Scientific and Cooperation Department at the French Embassy in Canada, is planning a debate conference on Saturday February 2, during which will be discussed issues related to territoriality, migration, immigration and diasporas.

In Winnipeg, L’Alliance française, in partnership with La Maison des artistes visuels, is planning a debate conference which will focus on the issues of climate change and the ongoing realities of colonialism.

- To find out more about events in Toronto and Winnipeg

In Halifax, the French Consulate General in Moncton and Halifax, in partnership with the Canadian Museum of Immigration, Alliance Française of Halifax and Dalhousie University, is planning a debate conference on “Migration, Borders and Oceans.”

- To find out more about events in Halifax

In Vancouver, l’Alliance française, in collaboration with the French Consulate General in Vancouver and with the support of Radio Canada, is planning a thought-provoking evening on environmental issues.

- To find out more about events in Calgary and Vancouver

The list of events is also available on the FranceCanadaCulture Facebook page.

You can also follow The Night of Ideas online: / Twitter/ Facebook.

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