The Invest in France Agency (IFA)

JPEG The Invest in France Agency (IFA) is a structure created in 2001 by, on one hand, the Ministry for the Economy, Finance, and Industry and, on the other hand, the DATAR (Délégation à l’Aménagement du Territoire et à l’Action Régionale [Delegation for territorial planning and regional action]). Its mission is to promote France as a destination for foreign investments, encouraging the installation of job- and wealth-creating international companies.

The IFA works with central facilities and a network of 17 offices around the world, including a Canadian office in Toronto.

Canada’s IFA office seeks out investors and provides support all throughout the investment process. It provides personalized service and develops, in confidential contact with the investor, projects adapted to the investor’s objectives, all in collaboration with the team in Paris and regional IFA partners. It acts as a preferred contact for investors, presenting them with regional offers adapted to their needs, organizing site and facility visits, proposing financing packages for projects, and mobilizing government aid on behalf of the investor.

Particular services are also provided to previously-established companies to help them pursue the steps necessary to expand their companies in France.


The Invest in France Agency is the national structure responsible for promoting, seeking out, and accommodating international investments.
In particular, it is responsible for the organization of coordination between companies, territorial communities, development agencies, administrative organizations, and service providers, so as to facilitate the implementation of international investments.

With this goal in mind, it works in close partnership with regional and inter-regional investment promotion agencies and with all of the partners involved to provide the best possible service to investors, whether it take place before the decision to invest or afterwards, so as to provide the necessary follow-up.
The IFA has at its disposal a team of multidisciplinary specialists at its headquarters in Paris and within its international network, made up of 17 offices throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.

The Invest in France Agency was specially created to provide investors with the personalized services that they need. The services offered cover all of the steps in the investment process, from approaching the market, to the concrete implementation of a project in full detail, to the attentive monitoring of an accomplished investment.

We deliver our services free of change and in complete confidentiality.

-  Information

The IFA provides all necessary information regarding the components of investment.

  • The economic, legal, and fiscal environment, the conditions governing market access, workforce productivity and costs, the technological and scientific environment, issues of social law, national and regional assistance, complementary financing, etc.

-  Advice and support for decision-makers

Based on the company’s strategic, human, and sector-specific characteristics, IFA advisors work with French host territories to seek out the best deal for each company. They accompany investors on visits to the sites most appropriate to their needs and facilitate all official and technical contact.

  • Competitive data by field of activity, research and development potential, university and technological clusters, costs of production factors, the selection of the best installation site, construction and installation costs, the rental or purchase of facilities, etc.

-  Mobilization of public assistance

In coordination with relevant administrative bodies and territorial partners, the IFA coordinates financial assistance packages for projects. It provides information to investors regarding the fiscal aspects of their project and organizes the necessary contact with local authorities and the public and private actors involved.

- Provide ongoing service to investors following their establishment.
To help investors gain the greatest possible benefit from their installation, the IFA oversees investment development and the constant improvement of conditions in the host territory.

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