The G20 on social issues [fr]

The G20 Labour and Employment Ministers, meeting in Paris on 26 and 27 September 2011, adopted conclusions aimed at strengthening the social dimension of globalization.

They stated the importance of employment as an objective of economic policy, with focus on youth employment. The Ministers agreed to put in place a task force for youth employment, which will make concrete proposals for the meeting of the G20 labour Ministers, which will take place in 2012 under the Mexican presidency.

The Ministers underlined the importance of strengthening social protection, with a commitment from the G20 States to implement nationally-defined floors of social protection. They encouraged greater coordination of the activities of international organizations to support States in implementing this commitment.

The Ministers supported effective implementation of social and labour laws. In particular, they expressed their support for the International Labour Organization in its efforts for the ratification and application of the eight fundamental conventions.

Lastly, they declared support for better cooperation between international organizations in order to increase the coherence of social and economic policy.

The Ministers’ meeting was preceded by a close association of French and international social partners. The French presidency pays particular attention to the emergence of this social dialogue at G20 level, which will lead to meetings of representatives of business and workers, alongside the Leaders’ Summit in Cannes.

The conclusions of the labour and employment Ministers will be submitted to the G20 Leaders during the Cannes Summit on 3 and 4 November 2011.

Last modified on 29/09/2011

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