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The grant program for English-speaking Canadian publishers aims to make original works from France, especially by authors from the 20th century to today, available to Canadian readers. The program offers selected publishers a grant to partially fund the costs of translating text from French into English.

Terms and Conditions

- Who can participate: English-speaking literary agents or publishers based in Canada, excluding the province of Quebec.
- The grant helps to partially or fully fund the costs of translating French books into English (does not include production or promotional costs).
- Six types of works are eligible: general literature, social sciences, science and technology, theatre, comics and graphic novels, junior and young adult fiction. Works from the public domain, scholastic books, instructional manuals and periodicals are not eligible.

Applications must be submitted by October 15th, 2010.

Terms of payment

- The program is intended to contribute to the translation costs.
- The amount of each grant may cover the costs of translation partially or fully.
- A letter of agreement will be signed by both parties. Acknowledgements must include the République Française logo (download it below) and the following sentence: “This book has been supported by the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, as part of the translation grant program”

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Grant for translation MAE
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Logo de la République Française
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