The French International school of Vancouver is going BLEU


The French International School of Vancouver honored the legacy of visionary Jacques-Yves Cousteau by renaming itself The French International School Cousteau and pledging to make environmental awareness a significant part of its ethos and curriculum.

It unveiled its new identity and latest educational projects on Thursday, 14 March 2013 on its premises.

The French International School Cousteau becomes the first French International School in the world to be granted official permission by the Cousteau Society to bear its name. A second school that offers pre-school classes in the area of South Granville will be called ‘Calypso’ after Cousteau’s ship.

The French International School Cousteau has pledged to honour Cousteau’s passion for, and commitment to, marine ecology through a partnership with the world-renowned Cousteau Society and Vancouver Aquarium, that will make marine ecology a major part of the school’s day-to-day curriculum. The French International School Cousteau will teach students the Cousteau philosophy—«To Know, To Love, To Protect ».

Cousteau is recognised around the world as a visionary, dedicated to protecting aquatic life, and at the forefront of raising global environmental awareness. He was also an accomplished artist, receiving international acclaim for his work as cinematographer and photographer.

« I salute the French International School of Vancouver’s initiative to take on the Cousteau name », said Diane Cousteau, one of the directors of the Cousteau Society and daughter of Jacques-Yves Cousteau. « Throughout his life’s work, Commander Cousteau believed education was the foundation for meeting future challenges, and he believed in educating youth with the knowledge and passion to make tomorrow’s crucial decisions to build a better future. I hope his name will inspire in students the thirst of exploration and knowledge, and the curiosity and determination that defined Commander Cousteau. »

On March 14, 2013, The French International School Cousteau was represented by a new logo: a ship is depicted through the union of the national symbols of France and Canada, the Eiffel Tower and the maple leaf. It emerges from the ocean separating these two nations, symbolised by a whale’s tail. The French International School Cousteau has already initiated its new bleu* curriculum with a focus on marine ecosystems developed through its partnership with the Vancouver Aquarium.

The new Blue curriculum embraced by students and teachers features:
- An awareness program, in which the discovery of marine fauna and flora and J.-Y. Cousteau’s work put ecological concerns in context ;
- Educational projects on the subject of the environment. For example, an original ‘Musical Audio Guide of the Underwater World’ is being put together by the middle school students of Grades 7 and 8 and an original mural of the aquatic underworld is being painted by the pre- school children.
- Regular visits by the students to the Aquarium ;
- Involvement in the cleaning of British Columbia’s beaches ;
- Educational support from a marine biologist, holder of a Masters degree in Sciences.

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