TGV : 574,8 km/h

The train, created by Alstom and christened the V 150 – for 150 meters per second – tackled the Strasbourg-Paris route and beat the world railway speed record at 574,8 km/h.

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Source: ©RFF ALSTOM SNCF / Fabbro Levêque Recoura

The last confirmed record on rail was held by the TGV Atlantique n° 325 train, that recorded a speed of 515,3 km/h on May 18th, 1990.

It’s a world record that has just been realised by one of the stars of French industry. With its oversized wheels, its motors that have a power of 19,6 megawatts, 25,000 horsepower, the train rolls on a specially converted track whose electric feed will be of 31,000 volts against the usual 27,500. In practice, and for reasons of wear and tear including track maintenance, Réseau ferré de France (RFF), the owner of the network, will not authorise the SNCF to surpass 300km/h.

As of June 10th, the TGV Est will be authorised to go up to 320km/h.

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Last modified on 16/01/2009

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