Symposium on carbon policies [fr]

On June 4th, 2015, researchers and policymakers participated in a symposium on carbon policies that took place in Ottawa.

This event, which is the largest Humanities and Social Sciences research conference taking place in Canada this year, was organized with the support of several European embassies, including the Embassy of France. This year’s symposium put a timely spotlight on the 2015 Paris Climate Change Conference. This event was also organized by the Sustainable Prosperity think tank/do tank and the University of Ottawa.

The opening remarks were delivered by Nicolas Chapuis, Ambassador of France, representing the host country of the COP21 conference. In his address, he discussed the major elements of the upcoming Paris climate conference.

The following guests took part in panel discussions:

-  Brice Lalonde, former Minister of the Environment who has also acted as ambassador responsible for climate negotiations and Executive Coordinator of the United Nations Rio+20 Conference. Since 2013, he has been Special Advisor on Sustainable Development to the UN Global Compact;
-  Jean Charest, former federal Minister of the Environment, former Deputy Prime Minister of Canada, and former Premier of Québec;
-  Kristin Halvorsen, former Minister of Finance, former Minister of Education, and ex-Deputy Prime Minister of Norway.
-  Kathryn Harrison, Professor of Political Science, University of British Columbia;
-  Michael Mehling, Executive Director of the Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT);
-  Matthew Paterson, Professor, School of Political Science, University of Ottawa.

Credit: uOttawa Institute of the Environment and/or Sustainable Prosperity

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