Studying in France [fr]

10 good reasons to study in France :

  • france attracts the 3rd largest number of international students in the world: with 260 000 international students, France is behind only the United States and Great Britain. Every year, some 2 000 Canadian students go to study in France, and the numbers are increasing!
  • Quality education: In its universities and “grandes écoles”, France offers internationally recognized quality programs. For instance, 22 French universities figure on the famous Shanghai world universities ranking (23 for Canada) in 2010. 4 out of the 10 best business schools in Europe are French, according to the 2010 Financial Times ranking, including HEC (no. 1) and INSEAD (no. 3).
  • A country of research and innovation: Forget the clichés about France! France enjoys high-level scientific research, in the most advanced fields. French researchers have been awarded 45 Nobel Prizes (excluding Nobel Peace Prize) and 11 Fields Medals (awarded to mathematicians). France is currently investing huge amounts of public money in higher education and research as part of the “Investments for the Future” program (€22 billions / 29.8$CAD billions).
  • A wide range of possibilities: In France you can participate in an exchange program, a summer program, register in a French institution and complete a French degree recognized in Europe and internationally or participate in a joint Canada-France program and receive a joint degree.
  • Scholarships for all! In most of the public universities, tuition fees are very cheap, because the real cost of studies (on average €10,000 per student per year) is covered by public funding, what is called “the hidden scholarship”. Moreover, international students pay the same tuition fees as French students! Tuitions fees are in most cases around a few hundreds euros.
  • A destination for francophones and anglophones: Studying in France is a unique opportunity that allows you to acquire high-quality education in French, or take French language courses. Students who are not fluent in French have the option of studying in English since an increasing number of institutions are now offering courses in English. A great opportunity for anglophone students to study in their mother tongue while immersed in a French-speaking environment.
  • A country in the heart of Europe: Studying in France is an opportunity to discover a whole continent.
    French universities have adopted a system of degrees and credits shared by 47 countries. Some programs such as “Erasmus Mundus” Master’s and PhDs are jointly offered by several European universities. The curriculum takes place at several universities in Europe, and the degree is jointly awarded by a consortium of European universities.
  • Programs focused on the professional life: Internships in companies are becoming mandatory in an increasing number of programs, in universities as well as grandes écoles. Internships are a great opportunity to discover the business world and are very appreciated by employers. A successful internship can sometimes turn into a full-time job.
  • An exceptional quality of life: Enjoy life “à la française”! Stroll in the streets of Paris or Toulouse, have a drink at a Café or appreciate a good French meal. It is not by accident that France is the top tourist destination in the world!
  • An opportunity to discover a unique and diverse culture, heritage, history and landscape: When you study in France, you can also travel and explore the great diversity of this country: from the snowy mountains of the Alps to the beaches of the Côte d’Azur, from the Louvre Museum to the Châteaux de la Loire… the possibilities for discovery are endless.

For all the information, visit CampusFrance Canada, a special service offered by the Embassy of France for all of those interested in studying in France.

November 18, 2011


Last modified on 18/11/2011

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