Stephen Harper in France

“Mr. Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, was greeted by the President of the Republic, Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy, on June 5th. This is Mr. Harper’s third visit to France since he was elected in January 2006.

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Ministère des Affaires étrangères. Photo F. de La Mure
Accueil de M. Stephen Harper, Premier ministre du Canadan par M. Nicolas Sarkozy, président de la République (cour du palais de l’Elysée).

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The Prime Minister, Mr. François Fillon, met with Mr. Harper after his meeting with the President of the Republic. Mr. Bernard Kouchner, Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, on his part, has already had a first contact with his Canadian counterpart, Mr. Peter MacKay, during the meeting of the Foreign Affairs ministers of the G8, which was held at Potsdam on May 30th.

Our relation with Canada is of an exceptional quality. In economic and commercial matters, France is the third highest foreign investor in Canada. Our exchanges between local collectives, parliamentary officials, and students are particularly vast.

France and Canada share the same attachment to multilateral matters, to democracy, and to good governance, as well as cultural diversity. France and Canada work closely together in peace missions (Afghanistan, Haiti) and in matters of development aid. They work together in a number of international organisations.”

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