"Seuls" by Wajdi Mouawad at the National Arts Centre

Wajdi Mouawad’s new piece, which was launched in Chambery, applauded for at the Festival d’Avignon and presented at closed box offices in Montreal, will arrive on the scene at the National Arts Centre from October 14 to 18, 2008.


Recap :

As part of his sociology of the imaginary Ph.D., Harwan is writing a thesis on Robert Lepage. Just prior to his departure for St. Petersburg, where he was to meet his research subject, Harwan’s father is injured and falls into a coma. The intriguing narrative addresses issues such as identity, memory and origins.

Opinion of the press :

In Europe, Wajdi Mouawad’s Seuls captivates its spectators. This director works his way into the depths of your soul and challenges the notion of self and that which was want. A time comes when we must go down a similar road: to come to terms with ourselves. It doesn’t happen without some pain and suffering. In this same way, the latest piece by this native Lebanese artist had the affect of an exploding bomb.Le journal de Montreal – September 9, 2008.

"In Seuls, Wajdi Mouawad pushes the limits of his art in the form of a fascinating and brave self-analysis.” Voir– September 18, 2008.

"Author, stage director and actor, Wajdi Mouawad becomes a painter by the end of the piece. “There is paint everywhere on stage,” describes Catherine Perrin, “Basically, Seuls enables spectators to live a “very powerful experience.Radio Canada– September 12, 2008.


About Wajdi Mouawad :

Wajdi Mouawad was born in Lebanon 40 years ago. He became an actor and stage director in the Franco-Quebec scene, crafting an energetic and diverse work with an heroic oriental flare and poetic, melodic prose.

Wajdi Mouawad lived in Lebanon until the age of eight before the war forced his family to leave. He first lived in France before moving to Quebec, where he obtained Canadian nationality even though he recently moved back to France. It was upon discovering the painting Le Retour du fils Prodigue, by Rembrandt, at the Emitage Museum in St. Petersburg that brought him back to his mother tongue and inspired his artistic career.

Wajdi Mouawad, current artistic director of the French Theatre in the National Arts Centre in Ottawa, is also the author of numerous plays such as Littoral, Incendies, Forêts, Le soleil ni la mort peuvent se regarder en face, all of which were very successful in France and Canada.

"Seuls by Wajdi Mouawad at the NAC"
- From October 14 to 18, 2008 at 7:30 p.m.

- National Arts Centre; French Theatre
- 53 Elgin St., Ottawa
- Box office information at the NAC Web Site

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