Reception: Presentation of Credentials

“Like each of my 27 predecessors, I am a career diplomat. However, unlike my 27 predecessors, as you can see, I am a woman; I am the first woman to be the Ambassador of France to Canada.”. Kareen Rispal

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" I have arrived at an ideal moment, as Emmanuel Macron’s France and Justin Trudeau’s Canada share the same agenda on a number of different subjects in an uncertain world.". Kareen Rispal


"My priorities, as they were established for me by the President of the Republic: innovation, youth mobility, the climate, the Canada-European Union free trade agreement, the G7, and, of course, the Francophonie." Kareen Rispal

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L’ambassadrice accueille Monsieur Gil REMILLARD, président du Forum économique international des Amériques
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L’ambassadrice accueille la professeure Roseann O’REILLY RUNTE, présidente de l’Université Carleton
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L’ambassadrice accueille madame Nathalie DES ROSIERS, M.P.P. , Députée (Ottawa-Vanier)
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L’ambassadrice accueille monsieur Benoît PELLETIER, Professeur, Faculté de droit de l’Université d’Ottawa
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L’ambassadrice accueille monsieur Vincent KLASSEN, président de l’association des anciens élèves de l’ENA

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