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As the Embassy’s representative, the Press Office communicates France’s official positions on various matters to the Canadian media. It also responds to questions from Canadian media about events in France, as needed.

It acts as the intermediary for all contact between media and the Ambassador.

It aims to represent all aspects of contemporary France—institutional, economic, scientific, cultural, social and athletic—on its website and by publishing specific documents, upon request.

Lastly, it reports to the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs on the way major news stories are reported by Canadian media, the image they present of France, and the changing media landscape. It draws support from a network of roughly a dozen officers—press attachés and webmasters—across Canada.

Representatives of Canadian media organizations are asked to contact the Embassy’s Press Office, except those with European accreditation who must contact the Communication and Media Division of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, which is the only organization authorized to respond to such inquiries ( or 011 33 1 43 17 57 57 or 01 43 17 52 04 or 011 33 1 43 17 52 01).

Last modified on 23/12/2021

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