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Under the leadership of the Embassy of France in Canada, the Office for Science and Technology promotes and supports the development and recognition of French research and technological innovation worldwide by helping collaborations between local institutions and French organisations. The Office also has a major interest in developing student and researcher mobility.

The office is composed of professors, researchers and engineers and is led by the Advisor for Science and Technology, under the direct authority of the Ambassador. This network-based Office stretches across Canada, with the exception of the province of Quebec. Its headquarters are located in Ottawa, Ontario.

This network is composed of two neighbourhood services in the General Consulates of Vancouver and Toronto, and a correspondent in the Maritimes, at the General Consulate in Moncton. This system allows the Office to be physically present in areas with great potential in research and technological innovation.

The province of Quebec, because of its particular relationship with France, has its own Office for Science and Technology. Nevertheless, both offices work together in order to harmonize French action in science and technology across Canada.

Organization of the network in Canada « excluding Quebec »

  • Jean-Christophe AUFFRAY

    Advisor for Science and Technology, Embassy of France, Ottawa,

    Assistant to the Science and Technology Advisor, Embassy of France, Ottawa

  • Madjalia OUATTARA



  • x

    Attaché for Science and Technology, Consulate General of France, Toronto


  • Mathieu LEPORINI

    Attaché for Science and Technology, Consulate General of France, Vancouver


Address :
Embassy of France in Canada
Office for Science and Technology
464 Wilbrod Street, Ottawa (ON), K1N 6M8
Phone : (+1) 613 593 3753 – Fax : (+1) 613 593 7430

Organization of the Network for Quebec


    Cooperation and Cultural Affairs Advisor, Quebec city

  • Magali BRICAUD

    Attaché for Science and Technology, Montreal

  • Pauline BRYERE

    Scientific Attaché, Montreal

    Email :

  • Pascale GUERRERO

    Science and Technology Assistant, Montreal

Address :
Consulate General of France in Quebec city
Cooperation and Cultural Affairs Office,
Montreal Branch
1501, McGill College - Bureau 1130, Montreal (QC) H3A 3M8
Phone : (+1) 514 878 6220 - Fax : (+1) 514 866 8133


The Office for Science and Technology (OST) mission can be split in two wide axis: to develop France-Canada collaborations and to watch and spread scientific culture.
The France-Canada collaborations that the OST tries to promote are limited to subjects in scientific and academic domains, both being closely linked. In this regard, the Office can:

  • advice, set up and implement French-Canadian cooperation programs through the identification of the best possible partners among Canadian and French institutions in order to develop academic and scientific cooperation programs. The Office for Science and Technology also advises research professors and institutions;
  • accompany the development of university and scientific cooperation programs;
  • act as a link between France, Federal and provincial institutions in Canada by:
    - presenting scientific objectives and priorities set forth by France to Canadian partners;
    - assisting in establishing of French-Canadian partnerships;
    - encouraging mobility among research professors and students and exchange of expertise;
    - developing joint Master’s programs and joint PhD programs (cotutelle) between the two countries.
    - providing support innovation and technological exchanges through the development of cooperation between French competitiveness clusters and their Canadian counterparts.

The Office for Science and Technology closely monitors scientific and technological developments in two directions:

  • from Canada to France : the Office is in charge of informing French authorities on the evolutions in scientific policies in Canada, but also informs the French research community on scientific and technological activity in Canada. This watch involves the writing of ADIT electronic bulletins, scientific notes, reports for several French ministries (ex. Report ordered by the ADEME on green technologies);
  • from France to Canada : France lacks international recognition in research. The OST gives itself the task of informing the academic and scientific community in Canada on French scientific and technological activity. It is done essentially through the OST newsletter which gathers key elements of French research in order to broadcast it to Canadian universities, research institutes and government organisations. Please contact us on to subscribe.

French scientific culture can be broadcasted through many forms: discussions and debates, scientific cafés, collaborations with museums.

Our partners

  • The research institutions,
  • The Universities and Engineering School,
  • Technology transfert centers, incubators,
  • Compagnies and technologic networks.

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