Research Cooperation

The France Canada research Fund (FCRF) supports joint Franco-Canadian research projects selected based on competitive bidding. The FCRF was created on July 27, 2000, with the signing of an agreement between the Embassy of France in Canada and sixteen of the most well-known research universities, Francophone and Anglophone.

Today, the Canadian part of the agreement consists of an expanded consortium of nineteen universities: Alberta, Calgary, Carleton, British Columbia, Dalhousie, Guelph, Laval, McGill, McMaster, Montreal, Ottawa, Québec à Montréal, Queen’s, Simon Fraser, Toronto, Victoria, Waterloo, Western Ontario, and York universities as well as Total.

Today, the FFCR has a capital of $2,800,000. It benefits from annual contributions from the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs and from other occasional contributions from the Ministry of Higher Education and Research as well as the Ministry of National Education. Since its creation, the FFCR has financed around 150 high-level scientific projects.

    • Agreement objectives:
  • to encourage and strengthen exchanges between scientists from both countries, based on scientific excellence, without thematic direction and without regionalization;
  • to select an excellence project based on bilateral institutional evaluations; and,
  • to promote the involvement of young people on selected research teams.

University and Scientific Project Support

Project support can take on various forms, whether it is financing missions or the invitations of certified researchers, financing joint research projects through FFCR, or creating a researchers’ network by means of workshops or cooperation agreements.

For example, France signed the following memorandums of understanding in July 2008 between French and Canadian research companies: NRC–CNRC / CNRS, DFO-MPO / IFREMER, AAC / INRA and CIHR-IRSC / INSERM.

Assigning missions to French researchers, inviting Canadian researchers to take part in missions have made it possible to create and strengthen science and technology agreements between the two countries.



July 15, 2010

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