Organization chart [fr]


Ms. Kareen Rispal

Ms. Nadine Maran
Assistant to the Ambassador

Mr. Maxime Cordier
Events Manager

Ms. Florence Ferrari
Deputy Head of Mission

Ms. Marie-Laure Ramtoula
Assistant to the Deputy Head of Mission

Mr. Mathieu Schuster
Political Advisor for Domestic Affairs

Ms. Marie Hours
Political Advisor for International Affairs

Ms. Laure Cegarra
Political Advisor for Political Affairs

Ms. Caroline Genta
Third Secretary for Political Affairs

Mr. Laurent Avignon
Archives and Documentation Manager

Mr. Julien Fratani
Information and Technology Manager

Press and Information

Mr. Eric Navel
Press Counsellor

Ms. Émilie Cabouat-Peyrache
Press Attachée (Montréal)

Ms. Sylvie Woitier
Community Manager

Administrative and Financial Service

Ms. Cécile Bost
Head of Administrative Services

Ms. Elise Sirot
Deputy Head of Administrative Services

Ms. Valérie Villedieu
Finance Officer

Mr. Passion Massika
Finance Officer

Ms. Laurence Raisonnier
Human Resources Officer, Protocol

Ms. Sylvie Lemaire
Human Resources Officer

Mr. Andrew Dobie

Military Mission

Colonel Bertrand Cadour
Defence Attaché (Air)

Adjudant Corinne Hergouarch
Assistant to the Defence Attaché

Adjudant-chef David Fernandes-Costa
Assistant to the Defence Attaché

National Security

Colonel Francis Paccagnini
Homeland Security Attaché

Adjudant Ismaël Henchi
Deputy Homeland Security Attaché

Legal Advisor

Senior Legal Advisor

Economic Affairs Department

Mr. Philippe Huberdeau
Minister Counselor for Economic Affairs
Head of the Economic Affairs Department

Ms. Margaux Armand
Assistant to the Head of the Economic Affairs Department

Mr. Pascal Helwaser
Deputy Head of the Economic Affairs Department

Mr. Pierre Monigard
Economic Attaché

Ms. Fouzia Dine
Economic Attaché

Cultural Service

Ms. Brigitte Proucelle
Cultural Counsellor

Juliette Pierre
Assistant to the Cultural Advisor

Ms. Emanèze Jeanty
Coordinator for Exchange Programs and Student Mobility (VI)

Mr. Nicolas Piccato
Audiovisual Attaché

Mr. Xavier Moquet
Educational Cooperation Attaché

Mr. Antoine Rauzy
University Cooperation Attaché" par Science and Higher Education Attaché

Ms. Lise Bessière
Education Officer (VI)

Scientific Service

Science and Technology Counsellor

Ms. Armelle Chataigner-Guidez
Assistant to the Advisor (Programs, France-Canada Research Fund)

Ms. Madjalia Ouattara
Assistant to the Advisor

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