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Office of Homeland Security


The Homeland Security Attaché (HSA)}}

As an advisor to the Ambassador on all matters pertaining to national security, the Homeland Security Attaché organizes and coordinates bilateral and multilateral cooperative security initiatives, particularly with regard to their technical, operational, and institutional aspects. The Homeland Security Attaché is granted diplomatic status. Homeland Security Attachés implement cooperative initiatives defined by the Ministry of the Interior, in accordance with the general guidelines governing our foreign policy. As privileged partners of local police agencies or gendarmeries, HSAs are, in their international posts, representatives of France’s national gendarmerie and police force. The HSA proposes and implements cooperative programs, takes part in missions in support of the resident French community, and contributes to France’s national security.

The Office of Homeland Security’s missions

In the execution of their duties, Homeland Security Attachés may be seconded by a Deputy Homeland Security Attaché or by liaison officers, international technical experts, cooperants from France’s national police or gendarmerie. HSAs are responsible for the organization and coordination of the activities of these seconded personnel members. An HSA’s missions lead the service to pursue exchanges of operational information with the host country’s police agency, particularly as regards international crime (illegal immigration; organized crime terrorism; human, drug, and weapons trafficking…). The Office plays an essential role in the execution of European warrants for arrest. It provides support for international rogatory commissions. It also contributes to the promotion of French industry in the security equipment sector and to missions in support of the resident French community. Through its daily operations and the preparation of bilateral and multilateral cooperative initiatives, the OHS makes direct contributions to France’s national security.

The Office of Homeland Security (OHS) in Ottawa

Located within the Embassy of France, this office was established the year 2000.
The Ottawa OHS consists of the HSA, who is a colonel in France’s Gendarmerie nationale; and a Deputy HSA, who is a major in the Gendarmerie nationale.

The Directorate for International Cooperation (DCI)


Founded on September 1st, 2010, the Directorate for International Cooperation (officially referred to as the DCI) is a joint initiative between France’s national gendarmerie and police force. Police officers and gendarmes work together on matters of State-implemented international police cooperation so as to better protect citizens and their interests.

An international response to a range of challenges in a changing world

Ever-growing cooperation between countries is the key to countering the variety of threats that arise outside our borders, such as terrorism, trans-national organized crime, drug and weapons trafficking, and cybercrime. For France, its network of Homeland Security Attachés (HSA), consisting of 250 police officers and gendarmes in 92 embassies across 156 countries, represents an effective means of working towards bilateral and multilateral cooperation.

The mission: coordination and organization

The DCI plays an active role in the application of the Ministry of the Interior’s international strategy and in the implementation of France’s foreign policy with regard to national security. It organizes and coordinates operational, technical and institutional cooperative initiatives—excluding issues that are within the exclusive jurisdiction of intelligence services—between France’s national police and gendarmes. To carry out its missions, the DCI consults with a central location and widespread services around the world, Offices of Homeland Security (OHS), and police officers and gendarmes posted in the country or countries involved.

The goal: coherence and efficiency

The creation of the DCI has allowed for reduced costs and increased performance by bringing together the world’s leading players in international police cooperation within a single structure.

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