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Homeland Security Service


The Homeland Security Attaché (HSA)}}

As the advisor to the ambassador on all matters related to national security and those related to the different services of the Ministry of the Interior, the Homeland Security Attaché oversees and coordinates bilateral cooperative initiative in the fields of security, governance, and multilateral cooperation, especially regarding their technical, operational, and institutional aspects. The Homeland Security Attaché holds diplomatic status and implements cooperative initiatives defined by the Ministry of the Interior, consistent with the general guidelines of our foreign policy. As a privileged contact of the law enforcement organizations of the country for which it is responsible, the HSA represents the Ministry of the Interior as a whole in his or her assigned country. It develops and implements cooperative programs, takes part in missions to support the resident French community, and contributes, through its activities, to France’s national security.

The Office of Homeland Security’s missions

In order to carry out his or her duties, the Homeland Security Attaché coordinates the work of a Homeland Security Deputy and liaison officers, international technical experts, and law enforcement cooperants who may be posted to the Homeland Security Service. The Attaché’s missions lead the service to develop exchanges of operational information with the police forces of the country of residence, particularly regarding international crime (illegal immigration; organized crime; terrorism; and trafficking of drugs, weapons and human beings). The Service is an essential element in the implementation of European arrest orders. It provides support for international inquiry commissions. It also lends its support to the promotion of French industry in the field of security equipment and to efforts to assist the resident French community. Through its day-to-day activities and in the preparation of bilateral and multilateral cooperative agreements, the NSS contributes directly to France’s national security.

The Homeland Security Service (HSS) in Ottawa

Active within the Embassy of France since July 1st, 2001.
The HSS team includes two members of the Gendarmerie Nationale: a superior officer, the Homeland Security Attaché (HSA), and a senior non-commissioned officer, the Homeland Security Deputy (HSD).

The Directorate for International Cooperation (DCI)


Created on September 1st, 2010, the International Cooperation Directorate [Direction de la coopération internationale] (DCI) is a joint directorate between the police and the national gendarmerie that brings together police officers and gendarmes, applies the international strategy of the Ministry of the Interior, and implements France’s foreign policy in fields under the authority of the Ministry of the Interior.
Through their presence in the host country, these police officers and gendarmes maintain a network of law enforcement cooperation that is one-of-a-kind both in terms of the number of active posts and the broad field of activity that they cover.
Working to develop cooperative initiatives between France and their host country, the military personnel and representatives of France’s DCI are responsible for protecting both French expatriates and France’s interests. Their activities aim to optimize the efficiency of homeland security initiatives.

An international response to the many changes of a changing world

In order to better face the various threats that are cropping up outside our borders, such as terrorism, transnational organized crime, drug and arms trafficking, illegal immigration, and cyber-crime, inter-country cooperation must increase. To ensure that bilateral and multilateral cooperative initiatives bear fruit, France draws on its network of Homeland Security Services operating in 76 embassies. This network consists of 300 police officers and gendarmes in 147 countries. It includes homeland security attachés, their deputies, liaison officers, assistants, cooperants, and international technical experts.

Coordination and organization

The DCI organizes and coordinates technical, institutional, and operation cooperative initiatives involving police officers and national police organizations, with the exception of those issues under the exclusive authority of intelligence services.

It is also responsible for implementing the Ministry of Interior’s technical cooperation initiatives, to the benefit of the guiding bodies of national law enforcement organizations, the secretariat general, the general directorate for civil security, the directorate general for foreign nationals in France, the directorate general of local communities, and the traffic and road safety delegation.

To carry out its missions, the DCI draws support from a central site and decentralized services established abroad, Homeland Security Services (HSS), and law enforcement officials in the country or countries involved.

Coherency and efficiency

The creation of the DCI has led to reduced costs and improved performances by combining the major players in international cooperative law enforcement in one, single structure.

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