News of French companies (April 2014)

Linagora officially launches its operations in Canada and is chosen for a new contract with the City of Montreal

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Cocktail d’inauguration des activités de Linagora au Québec le 19 mars 2014.

PNG Linagora officially celebrated the launch of its activities in Canada at an inaugural cocktail reception on Wednesday, March 19th. This reception was attended by Linagora founder and CEO Alexandre Zapolsky, who travelled to Quebec for the launch of a new contract. This contract, the third in a matter of months, reflects the dynamism of the open-source software sector in the greater Montreal region, as illustrated by the announcement by the City of Montreal of the creation of the Bureau de la Ville Intelligente et Numérique [Digital and Smart City Office]. Linagora can now continue to contribute to this industry cluster, working to make Quebec one of the major centres for open-source software in the world. Linagora expects to invest $10 million CAD over three years and to create 50 new jobs in Quebec.

Zodiac Hurricane Technologies, a Canadian branch of Zodiac Milpro, picks up a contract for the French Navy

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Jean-Jacques Arignon, PDG de Zodiac Hurricane Technologies Inc., avec l’ambassadeur Philippe Zeller et Jean-Christophe Fleury (consul général de France à Vancouver).

The Ambassador of France to Canada, Philippe Zeller, and Consul General of France to Vancouver, Jean-Christophe Fleury, visited Zodiac Hurricane Technologies on March 24th. This company, based in Tilbury, British Columbia, a branch of the French company Zodiac Milpro, specializes in the development of rigid hull inflatable boats for military organizations. The company signed a contract with the government of France to provide the commandos of France’s national navy with 20 semi-rigid inflatable boats. 15 vessels have been ordered to date, representing a total value of $9 million CAD.

Zodiac Hurricane Technologies employs more than 115 people and manufactures boats for clients around the world. In Canada, this company provides equipment for the Canadian Coast Guard, the Vancouver police, the RCMP, the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans, and the Royal Canadian Navy.

Total Canada enters the western Canadian market by awarding a contract to Bassett Petroleum for the distribution of its lubricants

JPEG Total Canada announced that it has signed an important agreement with Bassett Petroleum Distribution Ltd for the distribution of its products. This agreement marks Total Canada’s entry into the Canadian west. This company joins Total’s other, very active subsidiary in the region: Total E & P. This agreement includes distribution contracts in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and the Northwest Territories.

Bassett Petroleum Distributors Ltd is a family-owned and –operated Aboriginal business based in Hay River, Northwest Territories, with regional branches in Edmonton, Fort McMurray, and Yellowknife. This company sells and delivers different types of lubricants and fuels, in addition to bulk road salt and emulsion oil, and it offers fuel supply services to airports. The distribution agreement was officially signed on Tuesday, January 21st, 2014, in Sherwood Park, Alberta. In the near future, the two companies plan to extend product distribution into northern Canada. The Total Canada Inc. brand, headquartered in LaSalle, Quebec, is a company that offers a wide range of lubricants, including products for automobiles, such as QuartMD synthetic lubricants and the Classic range of products.

Domain Therapeutics opens a North American branch in Montreal within the NEOMED Institute

JPEG Domain Therapeutics, a French biopharmaceutical company based in Strasbourg and specializing in the research and development of new potential medication targeting protein-coupled receptors, announced that it was opening a North American branch, called Domain Therapeutics NA Inc., within the NEOMED Institute in Montreal.

The installation of Domain Therapeutics in Montreal is part of its marketing strategy for the new BioSens-All™ biosensor technology, which is focused on G-proteins and which was developed at the Insitute for Research in Immunology and Cancer (IRIC) of the Université de Montréal. This brings Domain Therapeutics closer to technological inventors belonging to Université de Montréal and McGill University, with whom a licensing agreement was signed in late 2013. Research and development activity will be exclusively oriented on Domain Therapeutics’ internal projects and those produced with the company’s industry partners.
Domain Therapeutics’ North American expansion is also a response to the company’s desire for growth. Geographic proximity will allow this subsidiary of Domain Therapeutics to form new partnerships with Canadian and American companies in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Alstom reorganizes the operations of its European Centre of Excellence in information systems and cuts 150 jobs in Montreal

JPEG The French group Alstom is going to cut 150 jobs at its Saint-Laurent facility in Montreal. Roughly 260 people work at this Centre of Excellence focused on digital systems for passenger transportation. The company wants to transfer some of its Montreal-based activities to a location closer to its primary clients in Europe. The transfer will take place between now and November 2014.

A certain number of employees will remain in Montreal to attend to the Montreal metro system contract. This decision will not affect the operations of the Sorel-Tracy centre, where Alstom manufactures bogies for the Montreal metro.

Return on major investment and contracts of French groups in Canada in 2013

In terms of such business flow as investment, the year 2013 was particularly auspicious for French companies. They were awarded 24 major contracts (for a total value of $2.5 billion CAD/€2.6 billion, particularly with regard to large-scale public and private infrastructure projects and land use projects) and further expanded their industrial and commercial presence (31 investment projects representing roughly $600 million CAD/€450 million). The prospective implementation of the CETA agreement and the resulting opening of sub-federal public markets offers French companies a great deal of potential for big contracts and new investment opportunities.

French companies maintained high levels of activity over the first three months of 2014. A total of 21 investment contracts and projects were posted during the 1st quarter, which represents more than one-third of the investment contracts and decisions recorded in 2013. 6 large contracts were signed for a total value in excess of $1 billion CAD.

French investment also remained particularly dynamic, including 15 investment projects of a total value of $1 billion CAD. French investment is carried by several large projects, while the flow of small projects to Canada and particularly to Quebec does not seem to be running dry. Taking all projects into consideration, Quebec and Ontario remain in the lead, but significant projects are taking place in other Canadian provinces (Alberta, British Columbia, and Nova Scotia).

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