New Version of the Web Site of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs

In keeping with Bernard Kouchner’s expressed wish to make the Foreign and European Ministry the “ministry of globalization,” the Quai d’Orsay’s new website is designed to reflect diplomacy in action, in touch with current international issues and the major transformations going on in the world.

It showcases all those who contribute to France’s activities abroad and reflects our country’s priorities in international relations. It places a significant emphasis on current affairs, starting with the home page: Visitors will find interviews with the Ministry spokesperson on major international topics, conversations with diplomats in Paris or abroad, and so on. All of this content is available on France Diplo TV, whose categories have been enriched.

Journalists are also being offered practical new tools: a revamped press room where they can register online to receive electronic press briefings, a listing of the Ministry’s press contacts, easy access to RSS feeds. A new weekly newsletter will also make it easier to receive the latest news.

What’s more, France Diplomatie will be a special interface in times of crisis. Via the home page, visitors can immediately access the Ministry’s new crisis center. Information is updated in real time, and the site offers direct contact with the Center, which operates 24/7.

Finally, foreign language versions of the site (in English, German, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic) have been developed and offer original content tailored to non-Francophone users.

- France Diplomatie receives 1.5 million visitors a month; it is the second-most-consulted French government site.

Last modified on 16/01/2009

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