Mali – Outcome of the donors’ conference

Thirteen heads of state and 107 delegations yesterday took part in the donors’ conference to reaffirm their support for the Malian people and for the sustainable recovery plan adopted by the Malian authorities.

France pledged to pay €280 million bilaterally, in addition to her multilateral contribution. We shall also provide 20% of the European Union’s assistance, to the tune of €520 million.

In total, promises of assistance totalling €3.2 billion were confirmed by the participating countries.

Transparency and monitoring mechanisms were established. As the Foreign Minister said on 14 May, the release of aid will go hand in hand with progress in the dialogue and reconciliation process.

This high level of participation and contribution is a success for this conference, which should make it possible to ensure a lasting solution to the Mali crisis.

Q&A - Excerpt from the daily press briefing - May 16, 2013
Q : Can you confirm that the €280 million announced by France on Wednesday mainly comes from funds already committed and suspended? What is the exact amount of “new” aid? Finally, what is the proportion of donations and loans in this package?

A : The €280 million in aid announced by France on Wednesday for the 2013-2014 period includes €150 million which was frozen during the crisis. Following the commitments made by Mali with regard to political dialogue and the holding of elections in July, the decision was taken to resume this cooperation. Moreover, all this assistance will be restructured to adapt to the Malian government’s new priorities as expressed in the sustainable recovery plan presented in Brussels yesterday. I refer you to the statement made on that day.

By comparison, France’s Official Development Assistance to Mali before the crisis amounted to about €50 million a year.

In answer to your third question, the package is divided equally between donations and loans.

Last modified on 16/05/2013

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