Magida El-Kassis’s trip in Perpignan [fr]

Magida El-Kassis, a student in photography studies, travelled to France for the Festival « Visa pour l’image » in Perpignan and participated in the “Rencontre International de Jeunes” (International Youth Meeting) organized by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Now back from her trip, she tells us about her experience.

I’ve never experienced a trip like this before: a whole new country and a lifestyle, the people were so welcoming to visitors and tourists, I felt right at home!

With daily photo exhibitions, photography talks and slideshows, I was inspired to photo document my surroundings. There is so much character to Perpignan: the Gypsies, the architecture, the streets, the little coffee shops, and other travelers; Perpignan is full of all kinds of stories.

I wanted to create my own story while I was there; these images express a story about the beauty in simplicity of Perpignan.

This contest was organized by the Embassy of France and the School of Photographic Arts: Ottawa (SPAO).


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Last modified on 21/07/2016

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