Lyon-Confluence: what does the future hold for our cities? [fr]

Monday, October 22nd, 6PM
Tania Concko + Emmanuel Combarel
National Gallery of Canada | Auditorium

Lyon-Confluence: Milestones in urban planning

On Monday, October 22nd, at 6PM in the Auditorium of the National Gallery of Canada,
architects/urban planners Tania Concko and Emmanuel Combarel
will discuss one of the most significant urban renewal initiatives in Europe:
the Lyon-Confluence project in Lyon, France.

A video teaser for the conference:

Significant comparisons can be made between Lyon, the third-largest urban area in France, and Ottawa, Canada’s fourth-largest city. Waterways have played a key role in the history of both cities. While Lyon is situated at the confluence of the Rhone and Saone Rivers, Ottawa sits at the meeting of the Ottawa, Rideau and Gatineau Rivers.

A formerly industrial area of 150-hectare, Lyon-Confluence project is one of the largest brownfield redevelopments in Europe.

JPEG Over the past two decades the area has been transformed into a vibrant, mixed-use centre and woven back into the fabric of Greater Lyon. In the process, the area’s exceptional riverfront landscapes have emerged a major urban amenity.

Architect/urban planners Emmanuel Combarel and Tania Concko will discuss a range of subjects related to their experiences working in Lyon: how was Lyon able to create and absorb such a large new neighbourhood into its city centre? How did Lyon-Confluence manage to attract and integrate a broad range of uses (commercial, industrial, cultural, housing and leisure) to the area? What strategies were employed to showcase the site’s remarkable history and natural setting?

Free admission
National Gallery of Canada Auditorium
Discussions in English.
Monday, October 22nd at 6PM
A project developed in collaboration between Carleton University, the City of Ottawa’s Urban Planning Department, and the Embassy of France in Canada.


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