Living and working in France: a how-to guide

France has reorganized its professional immigration system in order to meet the very real hiring requirements that exist in certain domains and, in particular, to accommodate young professionals and international students.

A list of “in-demand” professions open to immigration is published and regularly updated. This list is accompanied by specific measures for seasonal workers.

JPEG In addition to traditional procedures, some of which have been rethought in the interest of simplicity, there are new systems adapted to current issues, such as the “skill and talent” and “employee on assignment” residence permits, each of which is valid for three years.

These new regulations governing professional immigration bring with them new systems dedicated to young people interested in pursuing international experience, particularly through the Young Professionals program and emphasis on making employment accessible to international students.

One of the particularly significant objectives of these new mechanisms is to accommodate the professional training of international workers who seek to perfect their previously-acquired skills and knowledge in France.

For more information: Professional immigration (in French only)

Last modified on 31/07/2013

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