“Les Justes” (The Just Assassins) by Albert Camus, directed by Stanislas Nordey [fr]

Stanislas Nordey, a major French stage director, shares his profound vision of a wartime drama “Les Justes” (The Just Assassins) by Albert Camus, a masterpiece with striking contemporary accents.

From September 28 to October 2 at 7:30 pm, in Théâtre Français at the National Arts Centre, with Emmanuelle Béart, Vincent Dissez, Raoul Fernandez, Damien Gabriac, Frédéric Leidgens, Wajdi Mouawad, Véronique Nordey, and Laurent Sauvage


Moscow, February 1905. A tiny cell of the Socialist Revolutionary Party is plotting an attempt on the life of Grand Duke Sergei, uncle of the despotic reigning Tsar. They clash over what makes a revolution: is it justifiable to sacrifice innocent lives for acts they didn’t commit?

The author of The Stranger here examines the troubled core of early twentieth-century societies agitated by the first stirrings of terrorism. In Les Justes (The Just Assassins), Albert Camus dramatizes the human cost of political violence, invoking "these great ghosts and the story of their justified revolt, their uneasy brotherhood, and the superhuman efforts they made to attune themselves to murder—and thus to show where their true faith lay."

Stanislas Nordey (who directed Incendies and appeared in Ciels) shares Wajdi Mouawad’s passion for new and unconventional adventures. His work reveals the deepest meanings of texts by authors both classic and contemporary, including this one by Camus (1913–60) which he is directing for the first time.

French press review :

« Une volonté de se confronter aux problèmes de son temps qui rend cette pièce particulièrement actuelle » ; Télérama Radio, 11 avril 2010, Fabienne Pascaud

« Stanislas Nordey opte ainsi pour la forme qu’il explore depuis ses débuts de metteur en scène : l’oratorio théâtral. A ce jeu-là, Emmanuelle Béart, qui joue Dora (le rôle que tenait Maria Casarès à la création), est parfaitement à son affaire. » ; Libération, 22 mars2010, René Solis

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“Les Justes” (The Just Assassins) by Albert Camus, directed by Stanislas Nordey
When: from September 28 to October 2, at 7:30 pm

Where: Théâtre Français at the National Arts Centre
Tickets on sale on the NAC’s web site


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