Jean-Marie Le Clézio, winner of the Nobel Prize for literature

This year, the Swedish Academy awarded the Nobel Prize to honour Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio, iconic author known for his promotion of cultural diversity, open-mindedness and advocacy for those forgotten.

This award distinguishes an important author, who has expanded the influence of French culture and with whom the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has had the privilege of working. At the beginning of his career, Jean-Marie Le Clézio worked as a cooperate at the Embassy of France in Bangkok and then for four years at the Latin American French Institute. His books, which are enjoyed around the world, absolutely needed to be translated.

As Ambassador of the Francophonie, and jury member for the Prix des cinq continents, Jean-Marie Le Clézio also represents a humanist mind set; he encourages an equilibrium between human beings and a respect for the world and nature.

In order for his journey to be shared and for his writing to produce its magic effect in other languages, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs supported, through his assistance program, 44 publications of his works, namely Le procès verbal, L’Africain and Désert, in foreign languages for 21 countries.

Jean-Marie Le Clézio also worked a great deal on literary correlations, especially when he was involved with the Korean year in France in 2006. He directed a number of missions supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to take part in literary events abroad, i.e. China, United States, Canada, Argentina, Sweden, Spain, Russia, Mexico, etc.

Last modified on 16/01/2009

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