Introduction of the Military Attaché Office

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Mission of the Defense Attaché

The Defence Attaché is the representative of the Chief of the Defence Staff and the Defence hign authorities.

The Defence Attaché is conducting five main functions:

- to carry out and make France’s Defence policy public, to develop the capacities, activities and equipments of French Forces;

- to advise the Ambassador of France on Defence matters;

- to promote and encourage bilateral military relations conducted in a multinational frame;

- to inform the National Defence Ministry of the politico-military issues of Canada;

- to co-operate in the promotion of both French and European industries, to develop and to prompt the coopération in the armamant matters, to gather and to propagate information on these issues.

The French military personnel in Canada (other than at the military office of Ottawa)

The French exchange and liaison officers in Canada:

- Canadian Forces College in Toronto: one teacher and a trainee

- The Canadian Operational Support Command (CANOSCOM)

- NCSM Ville de Quebec : multi-role patrol frigate

The reserve

The reserve is made of former French Corps officers and non-commissionned members living in Canade. At the request of the Defence Attaché, they can work for the profit of the military office for a period of 5 to 30 days a year. At the present time, the military office has 6 reservists.

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