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I am a researcher/professor in France and I am looking for financial support for my sabbatical leave in Canada.

There is no national funding. You will need to discuss this matter with your host institution.

Does the amount of my grant increase if I have children?

No. The value of the grant is determined by a convention and cannot be adjusted to your family situation.

Can short training periods in France be financed?

No. Only long training periods will be considered for financing.

Can I mail my application on the day of the deadline?

Yes. The postmark stands as a reference for the date, whichever grant you are applying for.

Does the Embassy sell discount travel tickets?


Can an official letter from a university or a report card be considered in place of a diploma?

In certain cases, mostly for deadline reasons, the Scientific Department can accept such documents. However, we strongly recommend that you provide copies of your original diplomas.

How can I find a Post-Doctoral fellowship or an engineer internship in Canada ?

Here are some pieces of advice those may help you in finding an internship and fill in the prerequisites.

In order to find a traineeship within a canadian company, you may refer to the canadian companies database accessible here

You may also reach the following organisations to purchase a listing of all the french subsiduaries established in Canada.

- Chambre de commerce et d’industrie française au Canada : click here
- Union des Chambres de Commerce et d’Industrie Françaises à l’Etranger : click here
- Ubifrance : click here

The France-Canada Association, presents an updated and complete summary of all grants, traineeships and seasonal jobs offered in Canada. These offers are published by the french and canadian governments as well as the Association and a few other private and public organisations : click here

At last, France and Canada signed on 3rd October 2003 an agreement promoting the youngers’ mobility between the two countries and allowing them to :

  • improve their working skills thanks to a qualification contract, depthen their knowledge of the language, the society and the culture of the other country.
  • achieve a part of their cursus in another establishment in the eventuality of an inter-university exchange
  • achieve a practical training period included in their studentship within a company of the foreign country
  • obtain a profesional activity during their university vacation
  • experience a touristic and cultural journey in the partner country and be able to work at the same time

To be granted for the following agreement, young student shall be between 18 and 35 years old before application and be domiciliated in France or Canada.

To get more information on this agreement please visit :

- the Canadian Embassy in France page : click here

Does the Embassy consider any application for training periods or employment ?

No, the staff having a defined size, the positions only vacate once a person has completed his/her mission in our services.

As regards traineeships within the french diplomatic and consular network, a very narrow number of offers are available. If you have any interest in such a position you should apply at the following adress :

Ministère des Affaires Etrangères
Bureau de la Formation PLC/F
23 rue La Pérouse
75775 PARIS CEDEX 16

For safety and insurance reasons, no trainee can ever be granted directly by the Embassy or its connected services.

April 18, 2011


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