International conference on challenges of design support in Europe [fr]

APCI organizes the 10th international conference on challenges of design support in Europe.


Clusters and creative industries: economic and professional challenges

The 10th international conference on the challenges of design support will be dedicated to the subject of the roles that clusters play in the development of companies in the creative sector.

There are two trends that can be observed, these days: the first supports the creation of clusters of creative companies, while the second deals primarily with the introduction of creative companies into existing clusters.

The issues to be discussed will include: What is the “critical mass” necessary for success? What kind of environment is right for developing creative clusters? What kind of financing should be adopted? What business model is the most sustainable? What kind of management should be adopted to ensure growth not only for companies, but also global growth?

This conference, which will bring together representatives from around the world, will also be an opportunity for testimonials from representatives of clusters, competitiveness poles, and Living Labs.

These presentations will touch on questions such as the following: How can companies in the creative industry build more sustainable ties with its potential users? Can all types of companies in the creative industry respond efficiently to the difficulties that arise in this kind of experience? What type of financing should be chosen? What kind of support can clusters provide?

Dates: January 28-29, 2013

Location: Auditorium, Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie, Paris.

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