International Donors’ Conference for the Palestinian State (Paris, December, 17, 2007)

On 17 December 2007, France hosted in Paris a conference of donors for the Palestinian Territories, as proposed by the Palestinian President, Mr Mahmoud Abbas, and the Prime Minister, Mr Salam Fayyad.

This conference was the largest international conference of donors for the Palestinian Territories since the conference held in Paris in 1996.

The aim of this conference was to mobilise the donors, following on from the Annapolis conference, and to provide financial and political support to the Palestinian Authority. This support should enable the Palestinian Authority to develop the capacities to build a viable State.

France, the host country, was chairing this conference. There were three co-chairs:

- Mr Tony Blair, Representative of the Quartet for the Middle East,

- Norway, Chair of the Ad-Hoc Liaison Committee (AHLC) of international donors,

- The European Commission.

Approximately 90 delegations were expected. Among those invited, in addition to the key political players in the peace process, were countries likely to make a significant contribution (Arab and Middle Eastern countries, the G8, the 27 EU Member States, major emerging countries, countries with a large population of Palestinian origin, etc.), the European Commission, the international and regional financial institutions (IMF, World Bank, the EIB, Arab funds, etc.), and the United Nations.

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