International Conference on Afghanistan

International Conference on Afghanistan :
A global approach within a regional context
(The Hague, March 31, 2009)

Bernard Kouchner attended the international ministerial conference on the future of Afghanistan, held in The Hague and sponsored by the UN. He was accompanied by Pierre Lellouche, special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan.


Approximately 80 countries were invited to the conference as well as twenty or so international organizations, involved in the Afghan security and reconstruction operation; the number of participants indicates just how important it is for the international community to stabilize this country.

This conference was the opportunity for members to draw up a preliminary review of the commitments made at the Paris Conference in June 2008, and an opportunity to carry out the international community’s priorities for Afghanistan: reform of the Afghan police, agricultural development and improvement of aid coordination and efficiency.

The conference also enabled members to prepare for future meetings and the need to reinforce regional cooperation.

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