Grants and missions of researchers

I am a researcher/professor in France and I am looking for financial support for my sabbatical leave in Canada.

There is no national funding. You will need to discuss this matter with your host institution.

Does the amount of my grant increase if I have children?

No. The value of the grant is determined by a convention and cannot be adjusted to your family situation.

Can short training periods in France be financed?

No. Only long training periods will be considered for financing.

Can I mail my application on the day of the deadline?

Yes. The postmark stands as a reference for the date, whichever grant you are applying for.

Does the Embassy sell discount travel tickets?


Can an official letter from a university or a report card be considered in place of a diploma?

In certain cases, mostly for deadline reasons, the Scientific Department can accept such documents. However, we strongly recommend that you provide copies of your original diplomas.



Last modified on 29/03/2011

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