Goût de France / Good France 2018 - 4th edition [fr]

For this fourth edition, Goût de France involved French embassies abroad and the chefs from some 3,000 participating restaurants around the world. They all offered “French menus” on the same day, Wednesday 21 March 2018.

This unique global event was held on 5 continents in over 150 countries.

French gastronomy is one of the key drivers of France’s attractiveness and cultural outreach. The wealth of France’s cuisine and the inclusion of the “gastronomic meal of the French” on the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage make France a unique destination offering a wide variety of ever-changing gastronomic experiences.


Good France 2018

The Gala Dinner at the French Embassy


Participating restaurants in Canada

- Complete list of participating restaurants in Canada in 2018


A region in the spotlight

In 2018, Goût de France / Good France wished to shine a spotlight on a region, Nouvelle Aquitaine. A melting pot for outstanding French wines, with the global brand of Bordeaux as the figurehead for the whole region, Nouvelle Aquitaine has a rich variety of food and wine experiences. The products of Nouvelle Aquitaine will therefore be showcased in the menus served in a selection of restaurants in France and abroad.

Tribute to Paul Bocuse

Paul Bocuse - JPEG “Traditional or modern, there is only one cuisine... good cuisine.”
Paul Bocuse

Alain Ducasse also wanted this year’s event to be an opportunity to pay tribute to Paul Bocuse with the participating chefs having the opportunity to include one of Paul Bocuse’s dishes or a dish inspired by him in their menus.

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