#GoodFrance 2016 [fr]

Last year, on March 19th, more than 1500 restaurants around the world celebrated French gastronomy by taking part in the Gout de France / Good France initiative, which was organized by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development and by the great French chef Alain Ducasse.

Teaser Goût de france au Canada- le 19 mars 2015 par franceaucanada

Teaser video for last year’s initiative in Canada: 18 restaurateurs took part in
Goût de France / Good France in Calgary, Montreal, Quebec and Vancouver

As a result, more than 1500 menus were served in 150 countries across five continents—including eighteen in Canada—inviting the public to join in on a meal à la française.

In light of the success of the 2015 edition, this project has been renewed again this year. Establishments in Canada who wish to take part on March 21st, 2016, are invited to submit an application and submit a menu proposal before January 21, 2016, using the registration form available on at www.goodfrance.com. This site also includes information regarding the terms and conditions for participation in this project. Once the registration stage is complete, the applications will be assessed by a jury whose members will consist of international chefs, sponsored by the Collège Culinaire de France.

At each participating establishment, the event must highlight a living, open, and innovative type of cuisine. This cuisine has managed to remain true to its values: sharing, enjoyment, and respect both for eating well and for the planet. This cuisine is open to everyone, from cafés and pubs to fine dining; it is made from fresh, in-season, local products; and it is made with less fat, sugar, salt, and protein. The goal is to promote dialogue between culture and cuisine by encouraging creativity in the spirit of celebrating French culinary culture.

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