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The Globe 2014 conference, the 24th edition of which took place at the Vancouver Convention Centre on March 26–28, 2014, attracted more than 10,000 participants from 60 countries. The different economic partnerships that were formed at this event could generate $400 million through new environmental technology- and sustainable development-oriented commercial projects.

During the conference, France set itself apart from the crowd through its representative delegation. Led by Ubifrance’s Energy-Environment-Chemistry Department, five French companies and two regions presented their innovative environmental projects to the 400 exhibitors—from Canada and around the world—in attendance.

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Vincent Roumeas, chef de marché Eco-activités à l’Agence de Développement économique à Paris Région, en discussion avec un potentiel investisseur

The various companies representing France—including Hocer, water treatment firm Forti Fertil, Cerway and Internat in eco-construction and certification, and innovative recycling technology firm Camille—attracted investors and potential international collaborators.

During an official visit to Vancouver, Mr. Philippe Zeller, Ambassador of France to Canada, visited French entrepreneurs at the conference and praised the spirit of innovation that they represented. “I am delighted to see so many French companies, some of whom were only created very recently, participating in such a major environmental technology event in North America. I would also like to emphasize the fact that this participation illustrates the growing closeness between Ubifrance and the Invest in France Agency, as the French delegation includes representatives of the Ile-de-France and Côte d’Azur regions, who have come to meet with North American partners potentially wishing to invest in France. British Columbia, which organizes the GLOBE conference every two years, is on the cutting edge of sustainable development and the fight against climate change.” Ambassador Zeller also met with British Columbia Premier Christy Clark and provincial Environment Minister Mary Polak.

While the majority of French companies in attendance came to explore the market and to forge relationships with Canadian and international organizations, Internat began with a head start. Already active in Toronto, it was actively searching for new clients in western Canada. A new collaborative initiative with the French certification company Cerway was outlined with a view to consolidating the aggregate supply. This willingness to create new economic opportunities in a young and booming market attests to the dynamism of France’s “clean technology” and “innovation” sectors.

Given that development of exports and the establishment of French companies in the Canadian West was one of the primary issues at hand during the conference, promoting the attractiveness of France was also one of the goals of the delegation. Two regions of France—Île-de-France through the Invest in France Agency and Côte d’Azur through Team Côte d’Azur—were in attendance and promoted the competitiveness and expertise of France in the field of clean technologies. Academic and commercial collaboration is also expected, following meetings between investors, international entrepreneurs, and representatives of French competitiveness clusters.
The stakes are high for French entrepreneurs: the Canadian environment industry, valued at almost €15 million, is ranked as the 7th in the world. An inventory of this sector reveals some 8,000 Canadian companies. As a result, forming lasting partnerships within the environment and energy sectors of the Canadian West would be a substantial asset for French companies.

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Jeremy Bernard Orawiec et Elodie Relier d’Ubifrance interviewés par Radio-Canada sur le pavillon français Globe 2014

Brief overview of the Globe conference series:

Since 1993, the Globe conference has organized conference series and meetings between environment-industry professionals in order to contribute to the development of a low-carbon economy.
Within the field of environmental industry, Globe is one of the most important events in North America. It takes place once every two years, alternating with the Americana international environmental technology conference, which takes place in Montreal.

Focused on eight particular themes, Globe2014 invited more than 200 participants and experts to attend. The conference offers a significant commercial showcase that is relevant not only at the national scale—thanks to the presence of the majority of Canadian provinces—but also at the international level, as a number of other countries were also represented, including France, Poland, China, Malaysia, Great Britain, Japan, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.

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