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About “Bleuet de France”

In the aftermath of the devastating conflict of the First World War, citizens mobilized in France for the material, economic, and—above all—individual rehabilitation of the wounded and maimed.

It was at this time that Bleuet de France was born on the initiative of two nurses: Charlotte Malleterre and Suzanne Leenhardt.

The purpose of this initiative is to raise funds to help those disabled in the Great War. Wounded and disabled soldiers make cloth bleuets at The National Residence of the Invalids (military museum) to sell on the streets.

This flower was chosen because it is one of the only flowers to grow on battlefields, but also because it reminds us of the blue uniforms of the first WWI French soldiers.
Since then, fundraising campaigns have been held every year on May 8 and November 11, in France and abroad.

Purchase your Bleuet

You can purchase your Bleuet and access the online store for more personalized orders.

The Defense Mission at the French Embassy in Ottawa is giving you the opportunity to purchase Bleuets for the benefit of the Bleuet de France charity starting today! To contact them, click HERE. Thank you!


Last modified on 29/10/2021

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