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In 2011, against the background of the Arab Spring and international economic crisis, the development of southern countries is gaining an importance that goes beyond simple necessities and solidarity. Development policies are now essential macro-economic instruments for resolving crises and envisioning a more prosperous and more stable world. Creating long-lasting and balance growth will henceforth demand close cooperation between industrialized countries, emerging countries and developing countries.

This is why, on the eve of the G20 Summit under the French presidency, the Minister attached to the Ministre d’Etat, Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, responsible for Cooperation, Henri de Raincourt, is inviting governments and stakeholders from civil society to come together to share their ideas and unite their efforts to promote development, Friday, October 21, 2011, at the Centre de Conventions Ministériel.

:: Speech by the President of the Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy, at the opening of the Development Conference of the French presidency of the G20

.. Je suis venu aujourd’hui mettre en avant les propositions concrètes que la France fera aux pays du G20 pour construire une croissance plus durable et mieux partagée.

4 domaines principaux : la sécurité alimentaire, les infrastructures, la protection sociale, et la question si difficile du financement du développement. Dans chacun de ces domaines, la présidence française s’est fixée pour objectif de préparer des projets précis et de déterminer les actions prioritaires à mener…Read in French.


This high-level conference has the triple objective of engaging civil society on behalf of development, to discuss the proposals submitted by the G20 ministerial meeting on development that was held on September 23 in Washington, DC, and to begin an open debate on issues of cooperation between governments, international organizations, NGOs, companies, school and university students, professional organizations, politicians and parliamentarians, experts and academics, journalists and bloggers.

This interactive and educational event aims to have each participant take on their part of the responsibility for the creation of shared growth north and south of the equator.

The “G20 Development: Solutions for a New World” Conference builds on the four G20 ministerial meetings organized during the French presidency: G20 Agriculture, G20 Development, G20 Employment and G20 Finance.

The event is organized around four topical workshops, using videos and images, and emblematic of the top G20 Development proposals: 1) food security, 2) investment in infrastructure, 3) the social aspect of globalization, and 4) innovative financing for development.

It will be led by high-level international figures and open to the press during the entire day.

- The Program (PDF, 166.9 ko)
- Workshop Overview (PDF, 229.5 ko)

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