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TCF for future students and students - Test de Connaissance du français pour la Demande d’Admission Préalable (TCF-DAP):

- Who is it for ? If you wish to enter, in France, the first cycle of postsecondary studies ("licence 1" ou "licence 2") , or wish to enter a school of architecture and you do not have the DELF B2 or the DALF, then you must pass a specific TCF test called "TCF-DAP". The TCF-DAP is compulsory for future students as part of the DAP (Demande d’Admission Préalable, or preliminary admission application) for entry into the first cycle of postsecondary studies ("licence 1" ou "licence 2") or schools of architecture.

- For more information on the TCF-DAP, click here

  • Please note : if you want to take the TCF to register for the deuxième cycle [second stage of an undergraduate course] or for the troisième cycle [postgraduate course], Sciences Po, a Grande Ecole or a business school, the information on this paragraph does not apply to you.

Registration or inquiry about the TCF-DAP : contact

Test de Connaissance du Français (TCF) standard version:

- Who is concerned? This test is intended for anybody who wants to have their competency in French assessed for personal or professional reasons.
- For more information on the TCF standard version, click here

TCF for "l’accès à la nationalité française":

This version of the TCF was designed to meet the needs of the new dispositions of the French Ministry of Defense for those who want to get French citizenship.

- For more information on the TCF "Accès à la nationalité française", click here

TCF for Quebec :

Since October 16, 2006, the Ministry of Immigration (MICC) of Quebec has required people submitting an immigration application for Quebec to give proof of their level of competency in French by taking the "TCF pour le Québec", or TCF for Quebec.
- Who is concerned? This test can only be taken by candidates submitting an immigration application at a Quebec immigration office or at Délégations Générales du Québec, Quebec government offices.
- For more information on the TCF-Québec, click here

Registration or inquiry about the TCF (except TDC-DAP) : contact

List of the TCF examination centers in Canada:

For the TCF pour le Public Général
For the TCF Québec
For the TCF pour l’accès à la nationalité française

For more details about the different tests, please visit the CIEP website.
Or click on the following brochure (only available in French):

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Plaquette TCF
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