French language week (10-20 March 2007)

The French language and la Francophonie will have place of honor in a few days with the launch in France and abroad of French-Language Week on March 10 and International Francophonie Day on March 20.

The theme of the 12th Semaine de la langue française, is “Mots migrateurs”. This theme attests to the importance we give to cultural and linguistic diversity. The ten words from our language that have been chosen for 2007 (abricot, amour, bachi-bouzouk, bijou, bizarre, chic, clown, mètre, passe-partout, valser) each illustrate the migration of words from one language to another and from one civilization to another, whether they’re borrowings in French from other languages or returning words that change meaning en route, thereby enriching French.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides active support to French-Language Week and to International Francophonie Day. The diplomatic and consular networks, cultural centers, businesses and French expatriate associations organize many events at this time in partnership with French-speaking countries.

The list of events can be consulted on the following internet sites: and

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