French Presidency of the UN Security Council [fr]

JPEG On August 2, the under-secretary-general for peacekeeping operations, Hervé Ladsous, will give a report on the UN Supervision Mission in Syria, whose mandate was renewed for 30 days by Resolution 2059 of July 20.

The minister will continue his consultations on Syria with France’s major partners, including the Arab League. The modalities for a Security Council action under the French presidency will be spelled out in the near future.

There will be a debate on the Sahel on August 8. It will offer an opportunity to review the political transition in Mali and the status of joint efforts undertaken by the Malian authorities, other nations in the region, ECOWAS and the African Union with respect to the deployment of a force in that country.

Under the French presidency, the Security Council will also reach a decision on renewing the mandate of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) and will continue to monitor the implementation of its decisions by Sudan and South Sudan, with a view to easing relations between those two nations. The situations in Kosovo, Somalia and the Middle East will also be examined.

The main events during the French presidency of the Security Council will be posted on the Web site of France’s permanent delegation to the United Nations ( and on that of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs .

France’s Security Council presidency will follow that of Colombia. It thanks that country for the work accomplished under its presidency in July, particularly for its commitment to progress on the Syrian crisis.

Last modified on 02/08/2012

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